How to Remove Partitions in GParted?

Answer Gparted, which is short for Gnome Partition Editor, is a graphical interface that allows a user to perform hard drive maintenance. Hard drives can be divided into segments called partitions, which ... Read More »

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How to Remove a Hard Drive Partition Using Gparted?

If an operating system installation should fail you must remove the partition with the failed operating system. This will give room to try to install the operating system again.

Can I remove the Vista recovery partition with GParted?

The Windows Vista recovery partition can be deleted with GParted, and the free space will be merged into the primary partition. Use caution, however; deleting the recovery partition leaves Vista wi... Read More »

How to Use Gparted?

Gparted is a FREE partition editor that can shrink and modify Windows, Linux, and other OS partitions.

How to Boot a GParted CD on a Mac?

GParted is free, open-source disk-management software available for many different platforms. GParted is also packaged as a bootable Live CD based on the GNU/Linux operating system. GParted can rea... Read More »