How to Remove Paint on a Car With a Tip Sandblaster?

Answer Sandblasting is the quickest, most effective method of stripping automotive paint from bare metal. The procedure prepares the optimal surface for adhesion when priming and painting a vehicle. Sandb... Read More »

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How to Remove Paint With Infrared?

Contractors and do-it-yourselfers have a number of options for paint removal: sanding and scraping, chemical removers, heat guns and propane torches are the most common. Each of these methods has i... Read More »

How to Remove Paint With Jasco?

Removing paint is not a fun job. Paint remover does make it a much faster process, especially if you have multiple layers of old paint to remove. Jasco brand paint remover comes in several formulas... Read More »

How do I remove paint with a grinder?

Removng Paint With a GrinderWear a face mask, safety goggles and work gloves. Use the metal brush attachment for the grinder. Move the grinder in a back-and-forth motion over one small area at a ti... Read More »

How to Remove Paint on Skin With Baby Oil?

If you've got paint on your skin and are out of traditional paint removers, reach into your medicine cabinet and pull out a bottle of baby oil. Baby oil, a harmless alternative to irritating remove... Read More »