How to Remove Paint Transfer After an Auto Accident?

Answer From time to time, we all make contact with inanimate objects in our cars. The damage can range from a total loss to a small scuff. The less-drastic impacts result in paint transferring from the ob... Read More »

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How to Remove Yellow Paint From a Car After an Accident?

The aftermath of a car accident can often leave behind several damages to repair on a vehicle. Removing yellow paint from a car after an accident can be accomplished using an appropriate solvent an... Read More »

What happens if medical expenses exceed auto insurance coverage after an auto accident?

1. Most states have a requirement that a registrant of an auto maintain "personal injury protection" (PIP) coverage (altho the name may be different). This is the essence of so-called no-fault auto... Read More »

How do you start a lawsuit after an auto accident?

Answer In order to give a complete answer, it would be helpful to know whether or not there were personal injuries involved, and the state in which the defendant (the person being sued) lives, or w... Read More »

How to Sue an Insurance Company After an Auto Accident?

You may be able to sue an insurance company after an auto accident for personal injuries, pain and suffering, property damage and lost wages if you were involved in an accident where you were not a... Read More »