How to Remove Paint From an ATV Fender?

Answer Removing paint from an ATV fender is tricky. Because the body panels are made from plastic, using paint stripper will damage the fender. For this reason, the old fashioned method is used. You'll ne... Read More »

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How to Remove Paint on a Car Fender?

Removing paint from fenders is one of the more difficult tasks that car owners are eventually forced to face. Many common methods involve harsh scrubbing and unhealthy chemical cleaners and usually... Read More »

Tips on Removing Paint Scratches From a Fender?

Removing scratches from a car fender can be affordable and easy, depending on the severity of the scratch. Small and minor scratches may be fixable with simple, over-the-counter products at the loc... Read More »

How to Remove Dents From a Fender?

A dent in your car's fender is not a pleasant sight to see, but getting it removed professionally can be expensive, especially for an older car that isn't worth very much. With some effort, it is p... Read More »

How to Remove a Front Fender From a 1997 BMW 328?

The front fender of a 1997 BMW 328 is not difficult to remove, but does require one step more than what is required by most other fenders. The BMW 328 came equipped from the factory with side skirt... Read More »