How to Remove Paint From a Gel Coat?

Answer Removing oxidized paint from gel coat is needed for boats with fiberglass hulls with a painted name or graphics. If you no longer want to have the graphics or name on the boat, they need to be remo... Read More »

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How do i remove paint from a nylon coat?

Remove Wet PaintPlace the paint-stained area of the coat into a sink. Dab wet paint from the nylon coat with a damp rag. Continue removing the paint from the coat until it no longer lifts from the ... Read More »

How to Remove Paint From Clear Coat?

Paint that accidentally gets onto the clear coat of your vehicle should be removed as quickly as possible. Flecks of paint can ruin an otherwise good paint job. Fortunately, a product called detail... Read More »

How do I remove dried paint from a coat?

Use Rubbing AlcoholMoisten a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Dab the cotton ball onto the dried paint. As the paint becomes wet, blot it from the coat using a white paper towel. Continue dabbing ... Read More »

How Can I Remove Paint That Is on Top of Clear Coat?

Flecks of paint or paint from a spray can can ruin the appearance of your car. Although paint can seem impossible to remove, it is possible with detailing clay -- a commonly used product in auto de... Read More »