How to Remove Oxidation From Plastic Headlamps?

Answer Headlamps are an essential part of any vehicle. They keep the area in front of your car illuminated to help prevent accidents -- as long as the headlamps are clean and the light can shine through t... Read More »

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How to Remove Oxidation From Oxidized Plastic Headlights?

Yellow, cloudy and dull headlights all have something in common – they provide low visibility at night. Besides making your headlights look old and dingy, headlights with oxidation cut down on th... Read More »

Easy Way to Remove Oxidation From a Plastic Headlight Lens?

Plastic headlight lenses are crystal clear when new, but look dull and cloudy once oxidation shows up on the surface. Not only does oxidation make your car look old and dirty, it makes the headligh... Read More »

How to Clean Oxidation From Plastic?

Car owners can spend a lot of money on the appearance and maintenance of their cars. Unfortunately, oxidation on the plastic of your vehicle can ruin the entire look of your car. While there are e... Read More »

How to Remove Oxidation From Car Paint?

Oxidation is the interaction between oxygen molecules and other molecules. For car paint, in means a process in which oxygen breaks down the surface of the clear coat and paint, producing a whitish... Read More »