How to Remove Overspray from a Car Window?

Answer Whether you had your vehicle repainted or your car was too close to an area where someone was painting, you may notice a paint overspray on your vehicle's windows. Overspray is usually small specks... Read More »

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How to Remove Paint Overspray From a Car?

Modern advances have made painting much faster and easier than it used to be. Spray rigs have replaced the traditional paint roller in most instances, making exterior projects a relative breeze. Un... Read More »

How do I remove paint overspray from a vehicle?

Apply Lacquer ThinnerDampen a rag with lacquer thinner. Do not use mineral spirits or turpentine in place of lacquer thinner. Do not soak the rag. Wring the rag out if you can see lacquer thinner d... Read More »

How do I remove paint overspray from concrete?

Apply a chemical stripper appropriate to the paint type to the overspray area with a clean brush. Wait five to ten minutes to allow the chemical to penetrate into the paint. Scrape the paint up wit... Read More »

How to Remove Overspray From Automotive Paint?

A perfect paint job on a car can be seemingly ruined by overspray landing on the surface. Overspray is small drops of paint that have landed on a surface that it was not intended. This means that t... Read More »