How to Remove Orange Peel From Auto Paint?

Answer Orange peel is a condition in a paint job caused by additional coats of paint being applied on top of paint that is not cured. As the droplets of new paint hit the soft uncured paint, a small dent ... Read More »

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How to Remove Orange Peel Paint?

Orange peel occurs when paint is applied over an area with oil on the surface. Something as small as a fingerprint can leave enough oil on the surface to show up as orange peel in a completed paint... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Orange Peel From Car Paint?

Orange peel in car paint is very annoying to say the least, preventing the true flat shine your paint has to offer, and is a very common situation with many new paint jobs. The cause for the orange... Read More »

What Causes Orange Peel in Car Paint Jobs?

In a perfect world, a car paint job results from just the right texture, coat thickness, proper atomizing, solvent mix and temperature. Professional automotive painting takes a long time to learn, ... Read More »

How to Repair Orange Peel Metallic Paint Work?

Orange peel is a natural result of painting a vehicle too heavily with clear coat spray. Metallic paint can be especially troubling due to the metallic flakes in the paint and the clear coat over i... Read More »