How to Remove Old Stickers From Bathtubs?

Answer Non-slip stickers or decals inside bathtubs provide traction, which is necessary to prevent injury in the wet and often slippery tub. Over time the stickers become old and worn. The edges may peel ... Read More »

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How do I remove old stickers from bathtubs?

White VinegarWet a cloth with white vinegar. Lay the cloth over the sticker allowing the vinegar to soak it. Leave cloth on the sticker for 30 minutes.Scrub Sticker LooseScrape the sticker with a c... Read More »

How to Remove Non-Slip Stick-Ons From Bathtubs?

Perhaps the non-slip bathtub appliques in your tub have become worn with use, or maybe you prefer some other non-slip product, such as a mat. Whatever your reason for wanting to remove the stick-on... Read More »

How do I remove non slip decals from bathtubs?

Removing DecalsUse your fingers to gently pry up the decals. Nonslip decals have several layers, and you must take care to pull the whole thing up at once; otherwise the adhesive bottom layer may s... Read More »

How do I remove rust stains from bathtubs& toilets?

Use White VinegarPour white vinegar onto a sponge, and apply it to the rusted areas of the bathtub, usually the drain area and the hardware. Pour 1/4 cup of white vinegar into the toilet bowl. Wait... Read More »