How to Remove Old Masking Tape From Glass?

Answer A freshly applied piece of new masking tape is fairly easy to remove from glass. Yet, once it sits for an extended amount of time, the paper portion of the tape dries and becomes brittle, while the... Read More »

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How to Remove Dried Masking Tape from a Glass Shower Door?

Removing dried masking tape or other adhesives from glass is difficult but not impossible. Since masking tape is an adhesive based paper, You want to "neutralize" the adhesive and this is done in m... Read More »

How to Remove Masking Tape Residue From Pella Glass Windows?

Masking tape is made of an easy-to-tear paper with adhesive on one side. When masking tape comes in contact with Pella glass windows, the adhesive can leave a sticky residue on the surface. This re... Read More »

How do I remove very old masking tape?

Hold a hair dryer approximately 3 to 4 inches from the masking tape. Run the dryer along the length of the tape while the heat to soften the tapes adhesive. Gently pull the tape free as it loosens.... Read More »

How do i remove old masking tape from wood?

Heat the masking tape with a hairdryer first. Pull the tape gently to see if it releases. If the tape does not come off easily, then apply a solvent made specifically for wood. This is very importa... Read More »