How to Remove Oil From Brake Shoes?

Answer A vehicle's brake system uses hydraulics to engage and disengage the brakes. Over time, the seals containing this oil might become weak and start leaking fluid. On drum brakes, this typically means... Read More »

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How to Remove Brake Shoes From a 1999 Caravan?

The brake pads on a 1999 Caravan are behind the wheel and connected inside the brake caliper that's connected to the rotor. The pads are what squeeze the rotor and stop the Caravan while you are dr... Read More »

How to Remove & Install Brake Shoes on a 2003 S-10?

Because the brakes are the most important piece of safety equipment your 2003 S10 has, you have to make sure that they are properly maintained and in good working order. Although premium brake sho... Read More »

How to Remove Brake Shoes From a Buick Century?

The Buick Century was reintroduced as a full-size model in the early 1970s by GM. In 1981 it was redesigned as a front-wheel drive model and downsized a little, featuring front disc brakes and rear... Read More »

How to Do Brake Shoes?

On modern automobiles, drum brakes are located only on the rear wheels. Rear brakes wear much more slowly than front disc brakes, and therefore are changed less frequently. However, badly worn rear... Read More »