How to Remove Oil Based Paint Pen From Metal?

Answer Paint pens are used in many industries. Craft industries utilize many varieties of paint pens, whereas construction and other industries rely on the permanence and durability of oil-based paint pen... Read More »

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How can i remove oil-based paint from metal gate using a easy scientific way?

A heat gun?

How do you remove oil based metal primer from a stainless steel sink?

It may peel off. Rub it with some thinner and a cloth or paper towel. If they are available where you area , Mr. Clean Magic Erasures remove a lot of thing on a lot of surfaces.

How to Remove Oil Based Paint From Skin?

When working with oil-based paints, there is always the possibility of getting some of the paint on your skin. Don't panic! While just plain soap and water will not remove the oil-based paint, you ... Read More »

How do I remove oil-based paint from wood?

Fresh PaintWipe away wet oil-based paint with a sponge soaked in hot, soapy water. Towel the wood dry then rub woodworker's wax into the grain. The oil and wax will interact, pulling the paint from... Read More »