How to Remove Odor From Sneakers?

Answer It is not uncommon for sneakers to smell. Sneaker odor is the result of bacteria growing inside of the shoes. This bacteria thrives in warm, moist places, making the inside of shoes an ideal breedi... Read More »

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How to Remove Gum From the Bottom of Sneakers?

Most people who do their own home repairs swear by a product called WD-40. While it is marketed as a lubricant, WD-40 can fix a plethora of household problems: everything from squeaky doors and fur... Read More »

How do I remove gum from the bottom of sneakers?

Spray a aerosol lubricant on the gum, covering it completely, advises Joey Green's Wacky Uses for WD-40. Allow to sit for five minutes or more. Wipe the gum from the sneaker with a paper towel. Rep... Read More »

How to Remove an Odor from Almost Anything?

This also works on dogs! Baking soda deodorizes as well as cleans.

How to Remove Dog Odor From a Car?

If your dog is often in the car with you, you may notice that your best friend starts to leave behind unwanted odors. These doggy odors can become unpleasant and difficult to bear if left untreated... Read More »