How to Remove OSX Desktop Labels?

Answer Apple's OS X operating system has a number of features that allow you to manage files and folders efficiently. The program that Macs use to manage files is named Finder. Finder is the equivalent of... Read More »

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How do I remove a "Desktop" Folder from my desktop?

Hi,You can do one thing. Just take the backup of all your desktop file. And create another user by the following way.1) Goto Run and type "compmgmt.msc"2) On the left hand side you can see Local Us... Read More »

How to Remove Labels From Disks?

You can completely remove a label from a computer disk to leave behind a clean, smooth plastic surface. Most paper and plastic labels simply peel away from the surface of a disc, leaving behind a l... Read More »

How do I remove iron-on labels?

Place a handkerchief on top of the iron-on label.Turn on an iron, and put it on the highest setting possible that won't burn the handkerchief. Place the iron on top of the handkerchief for 10 to 15... Read More »

How to Remove Tagless Labels?

Many clothes manufacturers have switched from using sewn-in tags to tagless labels in response to customer complaints about the tags itching or poking them. Some people love tagless labels, which a... Read More »