How to Remove New Malware J Trojan?

Answer The New Malware J Trojan is a type of malware system or Trojan worm that is harmful to a computer system. It is malicious software that infects a computer once it is installed. Like any other mal... Read More »

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Does anybody know a program to remove malware, trojan or any other type of virus ?

bitdefender is the best one for winlaptop: can help detect and remove any malware and keylogger spyware.

I have Trojan and other malware, I need help.?

give this a shot, should clean it up…

How to Locate Trojan Horses, Viruses & Malware?

No matter what type of computer you own or how you use it, you need to make sure you are protected from malware, spyware, Trojan horses and viruses. These malicious pieces of software are all over ... Read More »

What malware scanner/remover is guaranteed to get rid of the svchost.exe trojan?

I doubt your BSOD (blue screen of death) is malware-related, but just in case...Try this:Firstly, boot your computer to the Safe Mode menu screen. You do this by repeatedly pressing F8 as soon as y... Read More »