How to Remove Negative Entries From a Credit Report?

Answer A credit report reflects positive history, such as on-time payments, as well as negative data, such as late payments or charge-offs. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), however, negative ac... Read More »

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Can collection agencies remove entries from your credit report?

It is possible for collection agencies to remove negative entries from your credit report--but it can be difficult to negotiate unless the reported information is false. If you have an account in c... Read More »

How to Remove Negative Judgments From a Credit Report?

A judgment is a judicial decree rendered at the conclusion of a civil lawsuit that obligates you for a specific sum of money. A judgment will appear on your credit report as a public record. It is ... Read More »

How to Remove Inquiries & Negative Things From a Credit Report?

When you apply for credit, almost all lenders will pull your credit file to determine if whether or not you are too risky to lend money too. After the application process, you might find out that t... Read More »

How do i erase potentially negative items from a credit report?

Identify and Document the ErrorRequest a credit report from all three major credit reporting agencies and document everything you can about the incorrect item. It is important to make sure you unde... Read More »