How to Remove Nail Polish From Cotton Clothing?

Answer If you get nail polish on your cotton clothing, you may think that the garment is ruined. In truth, it is possible to remove most or all of the nail polish and preserve your garment. Nail polish is... Read More »

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How to Remove Nail Polish From Cotton Clothes When Nail Polish Remover Will Not Remove It?

Nail polish is one of the most stubborn stains to remove from fabrics, especially cotton clothing. This synthetic polymer based chemical is waterproof, and when it's spilled on your clothing it can... Read More »

How do you get nail polish off your slippers and a cotton shirt?

Answer Using nail varnish remover, dab at it with cotton wool. For the slippers you will have to work on the varnish side. For the shirt, dab through from the wrong side with some remover soaked ... Read More »

What is the most effective way to remove old nail polish without nail polish remover?

actually as weird as it sounds nail polish its self. If you haven't had the nail polish on for ages like a couple of weeks then just put nail polish over the dry one leave for about 5 seconds and r... Read More »

How do i remove nail polish without nail polish remover?

A nail File or if you want a dif color on then put that nail polish over it but it might look bad!!