How to Remove & Mount a 480-8 Tire?

Answer 4.80-8 tires are bias-belted tires constructed using layers of fabric laid around the circumference of the tire. This helps to stabilize the tread and reinforce it against puncture. The tire fits o... Read More »

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How to Put a Tire in a Rear Tire Mount of a Ford F350?

One of the advantages of the rear tire mount on a Ford F-350 is that it is located under the truck bed. This placement keeps your spare tire from taking up room in the bed. The process to put a tir... Read More »

How do I Mount a Car Tire Manually Using Tire Irons?

Unless you have no other choice, mounting tires should be done by a professional mechanic. Serious injury can happen to you or another driver due to poor mounting procedures. If you have access to... Read More »

How to Mount a Car Tire on a Rim?

The size of a tire bead and the size of a rim are virtually identical. Unfortunately, a tire rim has a lip that has a larger diameter than the tire bead. You have to get the bead over that lip when... Read More »

How to Mount a Tire on the Rim of an ATV?

The tires on your All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) take on enormous stress. When the tire shreds or rips, you will need to mount a new tire onto the rim of the ATV. If you pay someone to do this for you, ... Read More »