How to Remove Mold in a Concrete Basement?

Answer When you have an unfinished concrete basement that holds in moisture, you often get stuck with mold growth. The mold will not go away on its own and, in fact, will grow rapidly once it has begun de... Read More »

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How to Remove Mold Infestation in a Basement?

Mold will grow in damp areas, especially those areas with little sunlight, which is why basements are the perfect breeding ground for mold spores. It is important to tackle a mold issue as soon as ... Read More »

How do you remove mold from basement floor?

It all depends on what is on the basement floor. If the floor is lined with carpet, wooden sub-floor, laminates, hardwood floors, vinyl or linoleum, you will have to remove and discard everything ... Read More »

How do I remove black mold from a basement?

Before beginning, take the proper precautions to protect yourself. Wear a respirator as well as clothes that cover your body. Evacuate family members from the house and seal off the basement from t... Read More »

How to Remove Mold From a Basement Floor and Walls?

Basements are common breeding grounds for mold and mildew. They are frequently moist due to water leaks and condensation buildup and they often don't get much sunlight, providing mold with the idea... Read More »