How to Remove Mold From a Fiberglass Bathtub?

Answer Mold is a blight that most homeowners have to contend with at some point. Mold will quickly start growing in any location where moisture is plentiful and darkness assists in mold growth as well. As... Read More »

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How do I remove bathtub rings from fiberglass pools?

Draining the PoolDrain the pool until the water level is below the ring you are tying to remove. This gives you the ability to keep the cleaner on the area while you scrub it.Mixing the CleanerFill... Read More »

How do I remove black mold from a bathtub?

Chlorine BleachMix equal parts chlorine bleach and warm water into a clean, empty spray bottle. Spray the moldy bathtub with the bleach solution and let it sit for five minutes. Scrub with a scrub ... Read More »

How to Repair My Fiberglass Bathtub?

Fiberglass bathtubs are durable, but they will crack and fracture if hit hard enough. This is a common problem and must be repaired immediately to avoid further damage. Small cracks can leak and ca... Read More »

Can you use bleach on a fiberglass bathtub?

On One Hand: Safe If Used ProperlyAccording to, bleach is safe to clean and disinfect a variety of "hard, nonporous surfaces" around the house, including fiberglass. The website HopeTips... Read More »