How to Remove Mold From Ragtops?

Answer Mold can grow on ragtop convertibles if you do not clean them regularly or if you keep the convertible top down for extended periods without cleaning it. Moisture gets trapped in the folds of the r... Read More »

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How do I remove mold from the air?

SafetyWear safety goggles, rubber gloves, protective clothing and a mask before cleaning any mold. Mold spores are very dangerous if inhaled. Secure and reduce dust buildup in any infected rooms to... Read More »

How do you remove mold from a rug?

Como la gente!!!!!!!or you can just burn it

How to Remove Mold From a Car?

Mold thrives on dark and damp conditions and can be a very persistent problem once it gets into your car upholstery or floor carpeting. You can remove the floor mats from the vehicle, if they're ca... Read More »

How to Remove Mold From My Sunroof?

Your car's sunroof is meant to be an attractive, cheery addition to your car. Your sunroof allows you to experience some of the benefits of a convertible such as the sun on your face and breeze bl... Read More »