How to Remove Moisture From a Brake System?

Answer Ordinary brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it readily absorbs any moisture found in the brake system. While this is important for preventing corrosion due to condensation in the system, brak... Read More »

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A vehicles brake system should be inspected _____ a year as part of maintaining the brake system.?

E. Go back and re-read. Then maybe you'll pass your driving classes.

How to Remove a Rusted Bolt From My Brake System?

Most metals on a vehicle are iron or steel, which oxidizes when exposed to water and air. The result is rust. Bolts are highly susceptible to rust as most bolts used in a vehicle are unpainted. A r... Read More »

How to Remove Moisture From a Car?

Excess moisture in your car can cause a multitude of problems and inconveniences. Not only is the integrity of your upholstery in jeopardy, but you also have to deal with mildew and its unpleasant ... Read More »

How to Remove Moisture From a Headlight?

Moisture in your car's headlights can make them appear foggy, affecting the brightness of the lights. When condensation gathers behind the headlight lens, it can reduce visibility at night, and ove... Read More »