How to Remove Mineral Buildup From Hair?

Answer One of the most challenging hair care issues is dealing with mineral build up and it's removal. Mineral build up in hair is usually caused by hard, well or chlorinated water. Mineral buildup can ca... Read More »

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How to Remove Mineral Buildup in a Toilet Bowl?

Toilet bowls accumulate mineral buildup quickly, especially when your home has a hard water supply. The key to removing the buildup is to first get rid of any existing residue, then implement a reg... Read More »

How to Remove Hairspray Buildup from Hair?

Hairspray buildup can make hair very dull, heavy, and lifeless. If your hair has these characteristics and you use hairspray daily, you many simply have a buildup in your hair. Fortunately, there... Read More »

How to Remove Buildup on Colored Hair?

If you use styling products in your hair such as gel, mouse, hair spray or styling lotion, you may notice that your hair eventually becomes flat and lifeless. This is because the styling products l... Read More »

How to Remove Conditioner Buildup in Hair?

Hair conditioner is necessary for preventing dry, frizzy hair. While it moisturizes and softens the hair, it can leave behind a filmy buildup that leads to greasy, limp hair. Washing your hair with... Read More »