How to Remove Melted Wax From Clothing?

Answer Candles are commonly used to decorate homes and for birthday celebrations. Hot wax can spill onto clothing and quickly dry, leaving a hard, waxy stain. This can be very frustrating, especially if t... Read More »

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Help!! Melted my microwave cover. how do u clean up melted plastic?

As suggested by Miss Wong in this section. If this does not work (you don't say which part of the stove exactly), then you may need to reheat the stove and keep trying to get the plastic off as it... Read More »

How do I remove melted wax from carpet?

Using an iron on a medium setting and brown paper bags or newspaper (place a sheet of paper-toweling beneath to prevent ink transfer) placed over the wax, iron over it to melt the wax and absorb it... Read More »

How do I remove melted wax from brick?

Use a HairdryerSet a hairdryer to its hottest setting. Direct the hairdryer at the melted wax on the brick. You may need an extension cord for the hairdryer to reach the brick. Wave the hairdryer o... Read More »

How to Remove a Melted Magnet from Your Car?

Vinyl magnetic decals declare your personal message to society and identify your allegiances. When the substrate becomes worn or damaged, you will want to remove and replace it. Sometimes the decal... Read More »