How to Remove Lug Nuts With Stripped Threads?

Answer Few automobile maintenance problems are more frustrating than a stripped lug nut. Lug nuts, the nuts that hold your car's wheels in place, strip easily when you attempt to tighten them farther than... Read More »

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How to Remove Shocks With Stripped Nuts?

Dealing with a rounded off or stripped nut or bolt is a fine art. First, you have to determine why the nut was stripped. It could be that the bolt is frozen in place because of corrosion or just th... Read More »

How to Remove Rusted & Stripped Lug Nuts?

Some simple auto repair jobs become difficult and time consuming when rusted or stripped lug nuts make it difficult to remove a wheel. Stuck lug nuts can also lead to pulled or strained muscles fro... Read More »

How to Fix Stripped Threads in an Oil Pan?

Because the oil drain plug is made of softer metal than the bolt hole in the oil pan, it's a rarer occasion to strip threads in the pan. Stating this fact does not mean the threads in the pan canno... Read More »

How can a cast iron cleanout with rusted stripped threads be capped?

Answer Mix up a glob of JB Weld and then screw the cap in. Once that sets, it is never coming out. The other answer would be to get a rubber connector boot bigger than the pip and connect a new p... Read More »