How to Remove Lug Nut Caps?

Answer Lug nut caps are usually fitted over the the tire rim lug nuts to make the rim look fancy. They need to be removed to access the lug nuts. Some lug nut caps are part of the hub caps and are removed... Read More »

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If my tv needs 2 1200uf 35v caps what whould happen if i used 2 1000uf 35v caps?

I wouldn't hesitate to do it as long as the replacements will physically fit where the originals were mounted. That's only a 17% deviation from the design capacitance; not significant in just abou... Read More »

How to Remove BMW E46 Center Caps?

The center caps on a BMW E46 snap into place in the center of each wheel. These caps are made from aluminum and are easily damaged if removed improperly. BMW E46 center caps do not contain a relief... Read More »

How to Remove Pintle Caps?

Fuel injection has replaced the fuel delivery system on most new cars, due to its efficiency in delivering a precise amount of atomized fuel and air to the cylinder. The fuel injection system is co... Read More »

How to Remove Avus Wheel Caps?

Avus is a manufacturer of tire rims and matching center caps. The center caps cover the lug nuts that secure the rim to the wheel. Avus wheel accessories are commonly installed on Volkswagen vehicl... Read More »