How to Remove Long Wearing Lipstick?

Answer The point of long-wearing lipstick is for it to remain on the lips. Removal of it requires a little more effort than the standard lipstick.

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How to Easily & Cheaply Remove Long-Lasting Lipstick?

Women who grow tired of reapplying their lip color every hour now have many different lipstick options. The newer lines of long-lasting lipsticks are true to their name: they last all day, often wi... Read More »

What would you think of a 13 year old wearing lipstick?

Hi there my name is Jessica Im 23 a qualified makeup artist and i own a promotional modeling agency( so i have plenty of experience for my age) To be honest 13 is still quite young for it... try to... Read More »

Opinions on girls wearing lipstick?

People think lipstick is for old people...But I've been wearing it since I was in 8th grade--I'm 17 in 12th grade now and I see nothing wrong with it. Of course, I prefer lip balm since it makes my... Read More »

How do I get over my fear of being with a girl that's wearing red lipstick on her lips?

It's not supposed to get on your face, silly. It's lipsdick.