How to Remove Liquids, Diarrhea, Cat and Dog Urine from Carpet?

Answer This really WORKS! Diarrhea, dog/cat urine, wine, spaghetti sauce, and MOST other things WILL come out if you can immediately follow these steps after an accident has happened! You must have on han... Read More »

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How to Remove Pet Urine from Carpet?

Fido left you a present again? Here's how to make sure it's not long-lasting. Fresh urine is easier to handle than old repeated deposits where the urine that has concentrated and dried. The first i... Read More »

How do I remove cat urine from a carpet?

Blot the CarpetAbsorb as much urine as you can using paper towels or an old cloth. Blot the urine from the carpet; don't rub it.Apply VinegarApply a solution of equal parts water and distilled whit... Read More »

How do I remove cat urine from carpet?

Remove UrinePress a clean cloth or paper towels into a fresh stain and soak up as much urine as possible. Do not rub or you'll spread it. The urine probably soaked through the carpet to the padding... Read More »

How to Remove Cat Urine Stains from a Carpet?

It is best to clean cat urine stains out of carpets as soon as possible after the accident. If it is an old stain, wet it before proceeding with the steps listed in this article. Cats often urinate... Read More »