How to Remove Lipstick From Fabric?

Answer Although men do not wear lipstick, they end up with their fair share of lipstick smudges on their clothes, most notably collars. Lipstick is made from a waxy substance that absorbs and locks into t... Read More »

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How to Remove Lipstick From Cotton Blend Fabric?

Sometimes, even with the most careful preparation, a woman may get lipstick on a cotton blend outfit. Other times, when giving a hug or kiss hello, a man may inadvertently get lipstick on his colla... Read More »

How to Get Glitter Lipstick Off Fabric?

Although glittery lipstick might look marvelous on your lips, it is not so attractive on clothing. Makeup stains are often stubborn, but the right products and treatments go a long way toward fresh... Read More »

Removing Lipstick from Wool Fabric?

Lipstick stains have been the catalyst behind many breakups in the movies. In reality, lipstick stains can easily be removed, especially when the stain is on wool fabric. Most lipsticks, depending ... Read More »

How to Remove Lipstick?

The problem with lipstick is that it can easily be transferred to clothing with one simple touch. Lipstick is an oil-based product that tends to stain quite easily and must therefore be removed wit... Read More »