How to Remove Lines Above Upper Lip?

Answer As you age, your skin begins to do all sorts of unpleasant things, like wrinkle. The upper lip is especially vulnerable to developing those fine lines that, although "fine," are extremely noticeabl... Read More »

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How to Repair the Lines Above Your Upper Lip?

Smoking, sun exposure, stress and aging can have displeasing wrinkling effects on the skin. Sensitive areas such as the upper lip will show the damage it accumulates over time. Noticeable fine line... Read More »

Remedy for Upper Lip Lines?

Whether you call them vertical lip lines, smoker's lines or feathering, those little lines that appear above the upper lip are unfortunate signs of aging. They cause lipstick to bleed, diminish the... Read More »

I have small bumps above my upper eyelid. What are they?

So I would change the doctor and see an dermatologist for it. It might be that she was right, but he can help you to get rid of them. If I have such things for more than 6 months I would already ta... Read More »

Home Remedy for Upper Lip Lines?

When we are young, our skin is much more elastic than when we are older. As we age, we start to develop wrinkles around any skin that frequently shifts or bends, such as around the upper lip. The f... Read More »