How to Remove Leaf Stains on Automobile Finishes?

Answer Leaves may seem harmless to your car, but they can cause stains if allowed to remain on the painted surface for too long. Once there are visible leaf stains on your car's paint, they need something... Read More »

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How to Remove Leaf Stains on an Automobile's Clear Coat?

When autumn leaves fall from the trees onto your vehicle, they can leave behind a stain of their presence. Chemicals on the leaves, including sap, can leave a mark on the car once they come in cont... Read More »

How do I remove leaf stains from concrete?

Prepare the AreaRemove any plants or natural life near the area that is to be cleaned.Mix the BleachTake regular household bleach and dilute it with water according to the instructions given on the... Read More »

How do I remove leaf stains from a swimming pool?

First Attempt at Stain RemovalIncrease the chlorine level to 5 parts per million to bleach the pool surface. Leaf stains are caused by tannins leached from the leaf. A temporary "shock" treatment o... Read More »

How do I Remove Salt Stains From Automobile Carpets?

Road salt is different than regular table salt, and anyone living in a wintery environment can tell you it can leave quite a stain in car carpets. Eliminating road salt stains is possible, but unli... Read More »