How to Remove Leaf Stains From a Car's Finished Paint Surface?

Answer Leaves falling onto and staying on a car's painted surface for any length of time can cause damage in the form of an outline stain. Leaves should be removed gently by hand shortly after they fall o... Read More »

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How to Remove Surface Rust From Cars?

Cars get rust for several reasons, usually by coming into contact with water or moisture. Surface rust can turn into serious rust problems that lead to rust holes, which eat through the metal of th... Read More »

How to Remove Surface Scratches From Cars?

Road debris and improper washing techniques can leave surface scratches in your car's paint job. Over time, these surface scratches can cause the paint to look dull and old. Removing the surface sc... Read More »

How do I remove leaf stains from concrete?

Prepare the AreaRemove any plants or natural life near the area that is to be cleaned.Mix the BleachTake regular household bleach and dilute it with water according to the instructions given on the... Read More »

How do I remove leaf stains from a swimming pool?

First Attempt at Stain RemovalIncrease the chlorine level to 5 parts per million to bleach the pool surface. Leaf stains are caused by tannins leached from the leaf. A temporary "shock" treatment o... Read More »