How to Remove Keratin?

Answer A keratin treatment infuses your hair with keratin, a protein found naturally in hair. Keratin infusion straightens the hair while giving it elasticity and strength, according to Charles Worthingto... Read More »

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How to Remove Keratin Glue?

There are several types of glue used to attached hair extensions and one of them is keratin glue. This glue comes pre-applied to the top of the hair extensions in a solid form. The extensions are a... Read More »

How to Remove Keratin Hair Extensions?

Keratin tipped hair extensions are applied to the hair using the fusion method, which involves melting keratin (the adhesive) with a heat wand, then rolling the softened keratin around a very small... Read More »

How to Remove Keratin Polymer From Your Hair?

Keratin polymer is used on hair extensions to create a natural appearance of hair. The polymer is a type of glue that is attached to the hair using heat. It then allows the addition of extensions, ... Read More »

What is keratin?

Keratin is a fibrous protein found in animals. There are various types of keratin which manifest in the form of hair, fur, wool, nails, beaks, claws, hooves, feathers and the epidermis. There are t... Read More »