How to Remove Java Plug-In Control Panel Applets?

Answer Java is a programming language used by web developers to add enhanced features, such as menus, players, and scroll bars to a site. Unlike javascript and other languages, Java creates applets that y... Read More »

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How do i uninstall a java control panel?

Windows XPClose any open web browsers. Click on "Start" and select "Control Panel." Double-click on "Add or Remove Programs." Scroll through the list of installed programs and highlight "Java Runti... Read More »

How to Turn on Java Applets?

When you are browsing the Internet and see a program using Java, you have encountered a Java applet. Applets are simply programs developed using Java tools. Java programs are sent to the user's com... Read More »

Are JavaScript& Java applets the same?

JavaScript and Java applets are not the same thing. Despite having similar names, JavaScript and Java are two separate programming languages. One core difference is that Java applets can run by the... Read More »

Java Applets Won't Run in Linux With Firefox?

Firefox is the default web browser included with many Linux desktops. Java applets are embedded programs on web pages written in Java. Viewing Java applets requires that Sun's Java Web browser plu... Read More »