How to Remove Iron Filings From Magnets?

Answer Iron filings and bar magnets work together to make an amazing demonstration of magnetic fields. When they are separated by a piece of paper or a sheet of Plexiglas, the filings align with the magne... Read More »

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Science Projects on Iron Filings?

Iron filings are shavings of iron that can be used to conduct a variety of science projects and experiments. Because iron is magnetic, it lends itself to science projects involving magnetism. Iron ... Read More »

Why Magnets Attract to Iron & Not Paper?

Not all materials are created magnetically equal. Some elements, such as iron, have strong net magnetic moments due to the presence of unpaired electrons. Other elements, such as those found in pap... Read More »

How to Make Magnets With a Coil & an Iron Bar?

Magnets come in two kinds: electromagnets and permanent magnets. Permanent magnets are magnets that stick to certain metals with no outside power source. The electrons inside a permanent magnet are... Read More »

How to Remove Security Ink Tags With Magnets?

Working in the retail industry can be tough, especially when you are busy. One of the keys to keeping customers happy and business flowing smoothly through the store is being able to quickly and ef... Read More »