How to Remove & Install a Computer Modem?

Answer An internal computer modem connects a computer to an online service provider through a telephone line that provides access to the Internet. A modem that is not making a good connection inside the c... Read More »

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How to Install an External Modem on a Computer?

If your computer did not come with an Internet modem, an external modem will be necessary to get online. Oftentimes you can rent an external modem from your Internet service provider. Installing an... Read More »

How to Install an Internal Modem on a Desktop Computer?

Installing an internal modem on your desktop computer can expand your computer's functionality and give you additional routes for accessing the Internet. Installation of an internal component on yo... Read More »

Do I need a modem in a computer to install a DSL Internet connection?

You do not need an internal modem to install DSL service. You need an external modem, also known as a DSL transceiver or router, which is sometimes offered free when you purchase DSL service packag... Read More »

How to Install an AT&T DSL Modem With 2PS?

Integrating your new AT&T 2PS DSL modem into your existing home network enables you to connect to your high-speed AT&T DSL connection. Accomplish this through the network configuration options in y... Read More »