How to Remove Ink From a Fabric Car Seat?

Answer Ink pens are well known for breaking and leaking onto clothes and upholstery and creating quite a mess. Perhaps you had a pen stowed in your pants pocket and broke it when you sat down, creating a ... Read More »

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How to Remove Human Urine From a Fabric Car Seat?

Accidents happen, especially with children. A urine accident on your fabric car seat may look and smell like a disaster but it doesn't have to be one. Complete removal of the urine from the surface... Read More »

How do I remove ink from fabric?

Using AlcoholPlace several paper towels or a rag on a counter. Place the stained fabric on top of the rag or paper towels. Pour a generous amount of denatured alcohol onto the stained area, making ... Read More »

How do I remove dry White Out from fabric?

AcetoneSoak a cotton ball in nail polish remover that contains acetone. Rub the cotton ball onto the correction fluid stain until it comes out. Rinse the fabric with water, and let it dry.Liquid De... Read More »

How to Remove PVC Cement From Fabric?

Used to seal polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes and couplers as well as joints, PVC cement is also used to seal other plastic materials. The cement is durable; like other adhesives, however, it's chall... Read More »