How to Remove Ink From a Fabric Car Seat?

Answer Ink pens are well known for breaking and leaking onto clothes and upholstery and creating quite a mess. Perhaps you had a pen stowed in your pants pocket and broke it when you sat down, creating a ... Read More »

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How to Remove Human Urine From a Fabric Car Seat?

Accidents happen, especially with children. A urine accident on your fabric car seat may look and smell like a disaster but it doesn't have to be one. Complete removal of the urine from the surface... Read More »

How to Get Ink Stains Off of a Fabric Seat?

Nothing is worse than buying a new car or having the interior redone and then seeing an ugly ink stain from a careless passenger. Many people panic and do not know how to get rid of an ink stain on... Read More »

Types of Fabric in Car-Seat Upholstery?

Car-seat upholstery utilizes a handful of fabrics in multiple forms to create the ideal product. Fabric design; resistance to temperatures, water and other liquids; durability and personal taste ar... Read More »

How to Clean Blood Stain Off Of a Fabric Seat?

Peroxide works well but you MUST use COLD water with it. NO HOT WTR. Hot water will set the blood stain I and you will NEVER get it our. Also, I follow up with Dawn dish detergent after the peroxid... Read More »