How to Remove Ignition Tumblers?

Answer The ignition tumblers and the lock cylinder of an ignition lock are a sealed unit. When you remove the ignition tumblers, you must remove the casing along with it. Normally, the only time you must ... Read More »

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How to Remove 1995 Mustang Ignition Tumblers?

The 1995 Mustang uses the same modular design steering column first introduced in the 1994 model year. This design simplifies the replacement of the ignition tumbler -- also called a key lock cylin... Read More »

Removal of the Ignition Lock Tumblers on the Saturn Vue?

The ignition lock tumblers on your Saturn Vue make up a large part of the vehicle's ignition system. You will find the tumblers in the lower section of the steering column. If your tumblers become ... Read More »

Are Tervis tumblers BPA-free?

According to Tervis Tumbler, their products do contain Bisphenol A (BPA), although the company maintains that you would have to eat or drink 1300 pounds of food that have been in contact with the p... Read More »

How to Clean Cut Glass Tumblers?

Cut glass tumblers can be fragile and rough cleaning can damage them. This article demonstrates a means for cleaning that is both gentle and environmentally friendly.