How to Remove Hot Glue From Fabric?

Answer Hot glue is a convenient way to glue craft items together, including fabric. But what happens when you accidentally get hot glue on an item of clothing or other fabric that isn't part of the projec... Read More »

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How to Remove Nail Glue From Fabric?

Glue for artificial nails is basically super glue also known as cyanoacrylate adhesive or "CA." It makes your nails stick well for weeks, but you don't want it sticking to your fabrics! Removing it... Read More »

How to Remove Dried PVA Glue from Fabric?

Dried PVA glue on fabric will harden and if you pull at it, the threads of the fabric can come unstuck, spoiling or even weakening the fabric or garment. Here is what to do to get the glue off easily.

How do I remove glue residue from fabric?

Use Lighter FluidMoisten a cotton ball with lighter fluid. Apply the lighter fluid to a hidden area of the fabric to ensure it does not discolor it. Dab at the glue bits on the fabric with the ligh... Read More »

How to Remove Krazy Glue From Fabric?

Krazy Glue is defiantly super until it ends up on your clothes. Meant instantly to bond to most surfaces in just a matter of minutes, it takes only seconds for it to bond to clothes or fabrics, rui... Read More »