How to Remove Hot Glue From Clothing?

Answer Glue guns use heat to melt the glue, creating a durable, invisible bond that is perfect for hand-crafted dolls or jewelry, or for fixing a broken vase, but unwelcome when it gets on your favorite s... Read More »

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How to Remove Craft Glue From Clothing?

Once you notice your clothes have a spot of craft glue, your first instinct might be to put the clothes immediately in the washing machine. To avoid the craft glue from staining your clothes, you n... Read More »

How to remove super glue from clothing?

Hope this helps Good Luck !The following is from the super glue web site.Removing Super GlueSuper Glue is renowned the world over for the strength of its bonds, it versatility of use, and easy appl... Read More »

How to Remove PVA Glue From Clothing the Natural Way?

Polyvinyl acetate (or PVA glue) is a common adhesive used for simple projects and in schools because it is non-toxic and washable. If you accidentally drip some PVA glue onto your clothes while you... Read More »

How to Remove Sticker Glue From Clothing?

If you bought an article of clothing with a sticky label attached, there may be sticker glue left on the garment. Or perhaps your child decided to use your favorite shirt to display her sticker col... Read More »