How to Remove Honda Molding?

Answer Trim is installed around cars to help keep the elements out and seal the gaps between the windows and doors. Specifically, you'll find trim around the doors and windows and along the windshield of ... Read More »

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How to Remove the Molding From a Honda Accord?

The affordable Honda Accord is a mid-sized vehicle that made its debut in 1976. You can find molding on your Honda Accord around the windows, doors and windshield to keep the elements out and to ho... Read More »

How to Remove a Honda Civic Door Molding?

The door molding on a Honda Civic door may need to be removed if you are doing body work. The molding, which runs down the center of the door is held in place with retaining pins. The door has smal... Read More »

How to Install Rocker Molding in a Honda CRX?

Rocker moldings are an aftermarket option that you can install on the exterior of your Honda CRX. The installation location of rocker panel moldings is on the lower exterior of the body. Rocker pan... Read More »

Installation of Body Side Molding in a Honda?

The Honda Motor Company was founded in 1948. You may wish to add body side molding to your Honda to give it a custom look or to replaced damaged molding. Molding is there mostly for decoration but ... Read More »