How to Remove Honda Hub Bearings?

Answer The hub bearings are part of the wheel hub assembly, sitting inside the hub and designed to allow the wheel hub to turn smoothly on the spindle. The hub bearings are made of several small metal bal... Read More »

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How to Replace Honda Hub Bearings?

The hub bearings in your Honda make up a large part of the steering mechanism in your vehicle. Over time, your bearings can become worn and damaged, seriously affecting the performance of your whee... Read More »

DIY Honda Odyssey Wheel Bearings?

Honda wheel bearings lack mounting hardware to hold them in place, relying only on pressure. Depending on the specific assembly you are working on, you may need to use special equipment to replace ... Read More »

How to Replace the Wheel Bearings on a Honda Accord?

Honda Accords seemingly run forever without requiring maintenance. Just as the other models in Honda's long running fleet, the Accord is a dependable long-lasting efficient car. However, there will... Read More »

How to Replace the Rear Hub Bearings on a Honda Odyssey?

Keeping your wheels spinning smoothly means keeping your wheel bearings in good shape. Neglecting bearings can have nasty results, especially if you throw a wheel. If you hear any kind of noise com... Read More »