How to Remove Heads From a Big Block Chevy?

Answer Over time, an engine's valves develop carbon deposits and the valve springs lose their tensile strength. Detonation, backfiring and a decline in power and fuel mileage are common symptoms of cylind... Read More »

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How to Identify Chevy 350 Small Block Heads?

The cylinder heads on your 350 cubic-inch Chevrolet engine can be easily identified by locating the casting number and comparing it to a Chevrolet number listing. Identifying 350 cylinder heads is ... Read More »

How to Install Small Block Chevy Heads?

When installing a set of heads on a Chevy, the surface preparation is important to prevent leaks. The surface on the head and the block must be free of gasket material, dirt, dust and all grease. I... Read More »

How to Port and Polish Big Block Chevy Heads?

Cylinder head porting isn't what it used to be. This procedure was seen as something of a black art, best left in the hands of the greatest of gearhead alchemists. Two myths arose from this era of ... Read More »

How to Identify Chevy Big Block Oval Port Heads?

Oval port cylinder heads for Chevrolet big block engines were paired with some of Chevrolet's biggest powerhouses of the muscle car era, including the 454, 427, 402 and 396 cubic inch engines from ... Read More »