How to Remove Harley Throttle Cables?

Answer Throttle cables are braided steel cables that allow you to control the speed of your motorcycle. Eventually, the throttle cables on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle will become stretched, fray or ev... Read More »

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How to Adjust the Throttle Cables on a Harley?

Harley-Davidson throttle controls feature a pull-open cable and a pull-closed cable. This gives very positive control to the throttle position. The pull-open (forward) cable operates the throttle p... Read More »

How to Remove Throttle Cables?

A throttle cable is a braided steel cable that controls the opening of the throttle plate inside of a throttle body. The throttle body controls how much air is let into the engine and is directly c... Read More »

How to Cut Throttle Cables?

The majority of aftermarket throttle cables come at a standard length, and part of the installation process is cutting the throttle cable to length. If you do not trim the throttle cable, it can be... Read More »

How to Install Throttle Cables?

Throttle cables are one of those things that most people would think could never go wrong on a vehicle, but the fact is, they do. Sometimes the cable stretches, and sometimes it's not positioned ri... Read More »