How to Remove Hard Drive Jumpers?

Answer Hard drive jumpers are small, plastic-covered metal contacts used to connect two configuration pins on a hard drive or optical drive to set drive priority. Removing these jumpers from a drive to ch... Read More »

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What is the purpose of jumpers on an IDE hard drive?

Jumpers on IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) hard drives are so small they might seem insignificant. Their purpose, though, is very important to the correct operation of an IDE hard drive.Definiti... Read More »

How to Set Jumpers on Multiple Hard Drives?

PATA (IDE) hard drive controllers allow one or two drives to be connected to the same controller using a hard drive cable with three connectors. The controller can tell the drives apart by setting ... Read More »

Does formatting a pen drive remove all the virus from it Also hard-drive?

the nature of virus is=> copying the virus to all drives frequentlywhn u formating the drive, yes it deletes the file but virus program paste a fresh copy in it as soon as just try to... Read More »

How to Remove an HP Hard Drive?

Hewlett-Packard is one of the world's top producers of home computers. But even with all their computers' advanced designs, they are not invulnerable to hardware malfunction. Hard drives have a lif... Read More »