How to Remove Hair From Sensitive Places On a Woman's Body?

Answer It can be tricky to remove hair from sensitive places on a woman's body like the bikini area and underarms. These areas are very sensitive to pain and hair removal can often be a painful procedure.... Read More »

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Is the baby protected in the womans body?

More or less, yes. But only if the woman is healthy and eats good meals, doesn't smoke (no drugs), or drink alcholal. Or if she doesn't get sereusly hurt, then the baby will be fine. So yes the bab... Read More »

What hormone does a womans body release when going into labor?

How Long Does Sprem Live Inside A womans Body?

How to Find Sensitive Places on a Woman?

No woman is the same when it comes to giving her pleasure. Just like no man is the same. If you however use your knowledge and a few tricks, you will be able to find a woman's most sensitive places.