How to Remove Hair Dye From Cotton Clothes?

Answer Dyeing hair is a messy job. Whether you dye your own hair or you dye someone else's hair, it is not uncommon to find hair dye on your clothes when you are finished. If you get hair dye on your cott... Read More »

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How to Remove Nail Polish From Cotton Clothes When Nail Polish Remover Will Not Remove It?

Nail polish is one of the most stubborn stains to remove from fabrics, especially cotton clothing. This synthetic polymer based chemical is waterproof, and when it's spilled on your clothing it can... Read More »

How do I remove cat hair from clothes?

Use a Dryer SheetWipe a new or used dryer sheet on clothing to remove clinging cat hair. The cat hair will stick to the dryer sheet, and you can throw it away.Use a Lint Roller or TapeRemove cat ha... Read More »

How to Remove Horse Hair from Your Clothes?

Do you love horses, ride, or are around them and are getting annoyed of their hair? Well, this article is for you! Here I explain how to get rid of horse hair that is stuck to your jodpurs and othe... Read More »

What do you use to remove hair bonding glue from clothes?

use olive oil mix with salt, hair shampoo and club soda. then rub it in then let it set for 10 mins then wash and repeat for another time and it should come right out. odd that i know this bc i wor... Read More »