How to Remove Gum with Gasoline?

Answer Gasoline really works on removing even dried on gum.

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How do I remove gasoline smell from a car?

VentilateAllow the car to air out a few hours daily as this is the only efficient way to remove the gasoline smell. Apply upholstery and carpet deodorizer, such as Febreze, to mask the odor until i... Read More »

How to Remove Water from Gasoline?

It's difficult to determine how water gets into a vehicle's gas tank, but once it's there explanations are almost irrelevant. The most critical issue is how to remove the water from your vehicle's ... Read More »

How to Remove Gasoline From a Gas Tank?

If you must ever remove the gasoline from your vehicle's fuel tank, you must do so safely and correctly. Never attempt to siphon out gasoline by mouth, as the risk of ingesting it is highly dangero... Read More »

How to Remove Gasoline Odor From Your Carpet?

Spilled gasoline can be tough to get out of carpets because it's an oily solvent. Sack the stink with a few household ingredients.