How to Remove Gum From Nylon?

Answer Gum has a way of showing up in places where it shouldn't be found and can cause frustration when it sticks to clothing. A favorite outfit or pillow doesn't need to be tossed if gum accidentally fin... Read More »

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What will remove nylon from an iron?

To remove melted plastic and fabrics, heat at low setting just until material softens, and scrape off with a smooth piece of wood, a wooden spatula or half a clothespin. If some remains, make a ... Read More »

How do I remove paint from nylon material?

Blot With Paper TowelsBlot wet paint from nylon fabric with white paper towels. Remove as much of the paint as possible.Remove the StainLay a small stack of white paper towels on a table. Lay the n... Read More »

How do i remove paint from a nylon coat?

Remove Wet PaintPlace the paint-stained area of the coat into a sink. Dab wet paint from the nylon coat with a damp rag. Continue removing the paint from the coat until it no longer lifts from the ... Read More »

How to Remove Your Nylon Full Slip?

"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and "Butterfield 8," fans of old movies will recall Liz Taylor wearing a sexy full nylon slip in both films. With today's fashion shift to dresses, interest in wearing full ... Read More »