How to Remove Grime From Headlights?

Answer Most cars manufactured since the 1990s have headlight lenses made from a type of plastic. Before that, headlights were made of glass. Unfortunately, while plastic lenses are more durable, they also... Read More »

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How do i remove grime from granite countertops?

Dip a soft washcloth in warm water and add a few drops of neutral-pH detergent. Gently rub off dirt and grime from your granite counter-top.Rinse the counter with warm water and dry with a soft clo... Read More »

How do i remove grime from a marble counter?

CornstarchSprinkle cornstarch over oily grime on marble counters. Allow the cornstarch to remain on the marble surface for one to two hours. The cornstarch absorbs oils from the grime on the marble... Read More »

How to Remove Windshield Road Grime?

It's easy for windshields to attract and hold onto whatever the road has to throw at them, especially during the winter. It doesn't take long for grime to adhere and cause an unsightly mess that no... Read More »

How to Remove Grime from Wood Panels with Olive Oil?

A kitchen with a wooden décor is a warm, rustic and comfortable kitchen. However, as with any kitchen, grease and grime can build up on wood panelling, dulling the sheen and reducing the quality o... Read More »